How To Take Your Photos

Introduction to Photographing Your Home:

Congratulations! You are now ready to take pictures of your home to get it sold. Having the correct visuals is integral to your home’s digital marketing plan: buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the home while viewing your pictures from a mobile device.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? We believe in you -- just follow these steps to make photographing your home a piece of cake!

And remember, if you decide along the way that taking pictures yourself is too much, we can always lend a hand. Upgrade to our Premium Package, which includes professional photography.

4 Steps to Staging Great Home Photos

Set the Stage

  1. Scrub Away!
    1. Yes, we know this isn’t fun, but remember that your buyer needs to be able to visualize themself living in each room that you show. So set that timer and get cleaning!
    2. Remember: The cleaner the space, the greater the chance of an offer.
  2. Grab a basket.
    1. Now it is time to declutter. The easiest way to get this done is with a laundry basket. Do one room at a time and place all photos, remotes, trinkets and other loose materials in the basket.
    2. Remember: The less clutter, the greater chance of an offer.
    3. Open those blinds!
      1. Light makes spaces bigger, warmer and more inviting.
        1. First rule of photography is going to be to shoot when it is bright!
        2. There is no substitute for natural light-- so open those blinds and let the light in!
        3. Remember: The lighter the space: the bigger, warmer and more inviting it feels.
    4. Move things around.
      1. Moving the furniture may not sound fun and may expose some hard-to-reach dusty spots, but try to arrange your furniture to show off the assets of the room: what makes the space look:
        1. Biggest
        2. Easiest to walk through
        3. Like there will be room for the buyer to place their own furniture!

Remember: Buyers are deciding if they want to purchase your home from a picture on a mobile device, take some time to give them the best representation of what your home is like!

Camera Tips

Step #1: Set Your Camera

  1. Whether you are using a smartphone or a Digital SLR, it is a good idea to use something to stabilize your shot:
    1. Tripods, monopods, or flexible smartphone holders: these are a great cheap purchase that will ensure the correct angles and stable shots.
    2. Remember: Sloppy shots equal disinterested viewers. Don’t have someone leave your listing due to a bad photograph.
  2. Angles:
    1. Consider different angles of the room, where should you stand that will result in the best picture? Think:
      1. What shows off the space?
      2. What shows off the windows?
      3. Any assets in the room? A great fireplace perhaps? How can you get it in the shot?
        1. Remember: Doorways are not always the best places to take the shots, try corners-- these sometimes can work best!
  3. Take a few pictures and move on.

Step #2: Repeat these steps for each room!

  1. Pro-tip: Shoot once in the morning and once in the afternoon to see which light shows off your home best!
  2. Start in the front of the house at your entry and then work your way through the living room, dining room, kitchen, family room and any other rooms you may have.

Shoot Like A Pro

Staging Best Practices

  1. In the bathroom, keep the toilet seat down
  2. Only shoot in the daytime when the natural light shows best
  3. Camera settings: make sure your phone is set to the highest possible image quality for shooting
  4. Take landscape (horizontal) photos so they display properly online
  5. Avoid angles where you’re capturing yourself in a mirror
  1. Do not include yard signs
  2. Stand back from the home, preferably at the curb or across the street
  3. Do not take photos from your car
  4. Do not take dusk/nighttime photos, unless using a professional photographer